Mobistealth Spy App for Android: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

The reason you look for a spy app is because you want to keep an eye on someone’s digital activities, and Mobistealth empowers you to do just that, and that too with remarkable ease. Upon paying its official site a visit, you’ll discover that it boasts a long lineup of some pretty amazing features that are either missing in other apps, or don’t really work as well as they’re expected to. Each feature available in this nifty spy app is carefully tailored to quench your thirst for information. How about we give you a quick tour of these features and let you decide for yourself if they really are as amazing as we’re making them out to be? So without further ado, let’s get the tour underway. We must warn you though, some of the things we’re about to reveal might leave you feeling insecure and perhaps even frightened.

Messaging Platforms on the Radar

Pretty much everyone has access to internet on the go these days, which has caused a spike in the popularity of messaging platforms. Keeping up with the trend, Mobistealth lets you to keep tabs on majority of these platforms. It covers everything from Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber, to regular texting. This kind of access to someone’s digital communications is pretty scary if you think about it.

Know What They’re Saying

Before messaging, call was the only mode of communication over cell phones. Although the arrival of smartphones and instant-messaging apps has caused it to slip from the throne, it still remains one of the primary communication channel, thus making it worthy of being bugged. Mobistealth ticks this box as well by recording all calls made or received on the target smartphone, and then uploading them to a password-protected online account so that you can listen to those recordings at your convenience. It also saves details of those calls, including phone number, timestamp, and duration. That’s not all though as this app also allows you to listen to whatever is being said in the surroundings of the target smartphone.

Don’t Let Them Out of Sight

With Mobistealth, tracking someone’s location round the clock is no problem at all. However, if you’re unable to keep an eye on someone all the time, then you can just check back when it’s convenient for you, and this app will give you the list of all the locations your target had been at since the last time you checked. Furthermore, there is the SMS location tracking feature that allows you to know from which location your target is texting. These are pretty effective features, especially if the person you’re spying on moves around a lot.

Watch Their Gallery

People keep a lot of stuff in their phone Gallery, namely photos and videos. Mobistealth doesn’t believe in leaving any area in the dark, which is why it shines a light there as well, giving you a perfectly clear look of everything that’s lying there, waiting to be discovered by your prying eyes.

SIM Change Notification

If your target tries to ditch you by changing their SIM card, then you’ll be notified about it straight away, courtesy of Mobistealth’s SIM Change Notification feature. Lack of availability of this feature in other apps is mindboggling because the person being spied on can easily trick you by changing their SIM card and fleeing the location. At least with the app in spotlight at your disposal, you won’t have anything of this sort to worry about.

The List of Features Goes On

We’re not done listing Mobistealth’s feature yet. There’s still a lot in its arsenal that we haven’t lifted the curtain off yet. You were probably wondering about email logging. Well, Gmail logging is there, but that’s not all. The coveted browser history logging feature is present as well. The app even lets you log bookmarks, contact list, and appointments among other things.

Mobistealth may come off as just another run-of-the-mill spy app, the kind that are circulating around the web a lot lately. However, this digital solution easily flattens its competition in terms of quality, reliability, accessibility, and most importantly, adaptability to the changing trends and systems.

Of course at the end of the day, it’s your own experience and opinion that truly matters. We sure would love to hear from you about your experience with Mobistealth.

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